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Ignition distributor-Nissan Sentra GA16DE 95-99

Product ID: NS24/22100-0M300
Ignition distributor-Nissan Sentra GA16DE 95-99

Safe Guard La. Co., Ltd. a qualified for Ignition Distributor especially for .
It is professional on global B2B trading with Air Flow Meter - AMF301,
Ignition Parts, Ignition Distributor, Gm Distributor, Ignition Module Sensor,
Crack Sensor Rsb-14, Rsb-03, Rsb-04, Auto Component Parts, Air Flow Meter since, Airflow sensor and Throttle bodies.

Type Ignition Distributor
Car Make Nissan Sentra
Year 95-99
Place Of Origin Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Brand Name S.G.
Warranty One year
Certification ISO 9001
Packing 8 PCS / Carton
Type of payment L/C  T/T

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